Tour to Petergof

PeterghofA truly exquisite estate with gorgeous gardens, fantastic fountains and picturesque palaces, if you only have time to visit one place outside of St.Petersburg it should definitely be Peterhof. The most famous feature of Peterhof: its fountains. More then 170 fountains and countless golden statues surround The Grand Palace. The fountain system is a real wonder – it has been working since early XVIII century without any pumps only under pressure of water!

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What more in Petergof

Alexandria Also we are glad to offer our new program special for the guests who already visited Petergof.

Bicycle tour

Petergof is а small town surrounded by 14 beautiful parks. If you are fond of riding a bicycle we could organize different bicycle excursions all around Petergof with rent bicycles, a guide-instructor and visiting of museums (according to a program).


A romantic tour to Alexandria, a former private dacha of Nicolas I and his family not far from the Grand Palace is a unique opportunity to know something about non official life of the Tsar. The Cottage has nothing to do with the sparkling gala palaces. Intimate and quiet, it preserved the atmosphere of real home; the characters of its owners could be seen in every detail.

Tour to the Tsarskoye selo (the city of Pushkin)

Tsarskoye SeloAnother entrancingly elegant estate, Tsarskoye Selo underwent its first real development during the reign of Empress Elizabeth, daughter of Peter the Great. With the help of brilliant European and Russian architect the estate became a beautiful landscape of serene gardens speckled with ponds and marble sculptures, charming pavilions and opulent palaces. The most spectacular feature of the estate, both then and now, is the exquisite baroque Catherine Palace, designed by Rastrelli. Read more…

Tour to Pavlovsk


Among the great ensembles in the suburbs of St.Petersburg the latest to be created was Pavlovsk. Pavlovsk is situated only few km far from Pushkin. Its fame rests on the splendor of the palace with its classical architecture, its sumptuous interiors and great art collections, and on the beauty of the spacious park, which covers around 1,500 acres (600 ha) and is the biggest landscape park of Europe. Read more…


Repino It is a village on the coast of the Gulf of Finland which was extremely fashionable among bohemia of St. Petersburg. Behterev, academician Pavlov, composer Glasunov, a famous singer Shalyapin, writer Gorky, painters Repin, Polenov and others used to live there. Only one mansion of Ilya Repin partly survived after WWII. Now it is restored and turned into museum.

The mansion is situated 45 km north-west from St. Petersburg. The museum preserves the unique creative atmosphere of this gifted family. Repin is one of the most famous realistic painters of Russia, nicknamed Russian Rembrandt for his attention to psychological details on his canvases.

A coast of the Gulf of Finland, a Russian restaurant and beautiful park are nearby.

A visit to Repino is a wonderful tour for a rest during your intensive program in St.Petersburg. It is also for art lovers and romantic persons. Time – from 3 hours.

Schlisselburg fortress

Schlisselburg fortress “Russian Alkatraz” is situated on the island in the mouth of the Neva river near Ladoga-lake, the biggest lake with fresh water all over Europe. It is one of the oldest fortresses in Russia (built in 1323). Served as a stronghold on the border with Sweden, later it was turned into a secret political prison. The walls keep in secret lots of impressive stories about people who were imprisoned there. A total blockade of Leningrad was stopped by the courage of the defenders of the fortress, who stood up to the enemy during 500 days!

35 km east from St. Petersburg, total time 4-5 hours.