The Siege of Leningrad

The Siege of Leningrad

The city was in a vice of Blocade for 900 days. No city in the world has ever had to overcome harkships comparable to those, suffered by Leningrades. No city was to live through so long and cruel tests of courage and firmness. This tour is about people, who survived, who became stronger, about the memory which is still alive.

City legends

City legends Since the first years of its existence the city served as the metropolis of Russia. It was a perfect bureaucratic system, where decrees, orders and instructions were created. The outward appearance of St. Petersburg with its straight lines of prospects, space of squares, blowing through by strong winds, and symmetrical rows of columns reinforced the atmosphere of the implicit obedience. Most of the inhabitants were ordered to wear uniform which certainly robbed their individuality. In spite of the external pressure of the authorities the city-dwellers were full of creative power and inward freedom. Thus, numerous myths and legends appeared. Some of them were obviously made up stories, but they were necessary in order to facilitate the everyday routine life.

During the tour you will make the acquaintance with the most horrific, mystical stories that still frighten local people. Are you not afraid of ghosts? Book this trip in the twilight when shadows of the trees start their separate life…

Dostoevsky’s Radion Raskolnikov

Dostoevsky's Radion Raskolnikov

Discover the details of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel "Crime and punishment" live, in real. You will be able to see many of the places, mentioned in the book and even make those 730 steps from where Raskolnikov lived to where he murdered the old lady. The action in most of Dostoevsky’s novels takes place in St.Petersburg, but "Crime and Punishment" is the most Petersburg work. The time described in this novel is summer of 1865.

You will have a chance to recollect the following scenes from the "Crime and Punishment":

Sennya Square, where the conversation between Elizabeth and some lady merchant took place and from which Raskolnikov found out that the old lady (pawnbroker) would be alone in the evening in her house….

Stolyarniy lane, famous for having 18 taverns in 16 houses…

Houses, where Dostoevsky lived…

Radion Raskolnikov’s house, where a wardrobe-like apartment was in….

Ekaterininsky canal…. with Sonya’s place…and pawn-broker Alyona Ivanovna’s house…